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                Employee Resource Groups

                Our Employee Resource Groups celebrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion by offering year-round opportunities for leadership, development, collaboration, community outreach, and cultural enrichment.

                • Abilities

                  Abilities: Valuing Everyone's Abilities

                  Abilities promotes the individual contributions of Freddie Mac team members, supports those who have loved ones with disabilities, and educates the entire workforce about the abilities of and unique challenges faced by those touched by disability.

                • ARISE

                  ARISE: African-Americans, Resources and Information Sharing for Everyone

                  ARISE expands knowledge through programs and events that target key business and personal value propositions, including offering a forum to increase business skills through community outreach and volunteer work.

                • ASIAN

                  ASIAN: Asians Supporting Inclusion and Awareness Network

                  ASIAN supports expanded networking and leadership opportunities and sponsors programs that showcase the vibrant Asian culture at Freddie Mac, including opportunities to learn about and celebrate Asian and Pacific Island heritage and traditions.

                • HOLA

                  HOLA: Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement

                  HOLA offers activities that provide greater access to company leadership for its members, promotes the diversity of Hispanic cultures, and educates employees on the business value that diversity provides the company.

                • Military Appreciation

                  Military Appreciation

                  Military Appreciation advocates for the inclusion of military reservists, veterans and their families within Freddie Mac's business, mission and community.

                • Pride


                  Pride educates employees and the company's leadership on issues affecting the LGBT community in the workplace, represents the needs and concerns of employees regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and fosters a culture of non-discrimination.

                • Rising Leaders

                  Rising Leaders

                  Rising Leaders promotes open communication with senior management, encourages personal development through a variety of leadership-building channels, and provides an environment that supports innovative thinking.

                • WIN

                  WIN: Women's Interactive Network

                  WIN supports the open exchange of ideas to help build a strong community of women at the company and encourages personal development through cross-divisional networking opportunities that offer exposure to all levels of employees.

                • Working Parents

                  Working Parents

                  Working Parents supports all types of families through all phases of parenthood by providing resources, guidance and encouragement to employees who are engaged in the parenthood balancing act.

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