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                Media Resources

                image of Freddie Mac Headquarters

                Company Profile

                We’re serving our mission, leading our industry and delivering strong results for the nation.

                Media Contact

                For Press Inquiries Only
                Phone: (703)903-3933
                Email: corprel@freddiemac.com

                Non-press inquiries


                In 2019, we invested in new ways to transfer risk, increased efficiency, and continued to position Freddie Mac as the leader in housing.

                David Brickman, CEO

                First-Time Homebuyers

                We helped 395,000 first-time homebuyers in 2019

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                In 2019, We funded

                1.7 million single-family homes

                809,000 multifamily apartment homes

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                What we do

                Learn more about how we make home possible

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                Building a Better Housing Finance System

                Through its innovate credit risk offerings, Freddie Mac is building a better housing finance system that's good for the industry, investors and America's taxpayers.

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                Discover the Possibilities with Home Possible?

                See how three homebuyers realized their dream of homeownership by partnering with the right lender and a Freddie Mac Home Possible? Mortgage.

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                A Shared Passion

                Every day, Freddie Mac works with our industry partners to help families become successful homeowners. Together, we've made home possible nearly 75 million times since 1970.

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                Avoiding Mortgage Fraud

                In this one-minute video, you'll learn the essentials for avoiding mortgage fraud.

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                Millennials Make Home Happen with Home Possible®

                Watch the Dolans' story and find out why their loan officer picked Home Possible® to help them purchase their first home.

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                Freddie Mac Multifamily Transaction Managers

                Learn how our new Multifamily Transaction Managers are working hard to make it easier for you do business with Freddie Mac.

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                Home Possible® MI Cancellable at 80% LTV

                Discover how Home Possible® mortgages can save borrowers thousands in mortgage insurance payments over the life of a loan.

                4:06description of video

                Where Do the Service Workers in San Francisco Live?

                In Freddie Mac's April insight, we map out where the areas service workers live, and how well they live, in one of the nation's most expensive housing markets. More

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                Can I Age in Place?

                In Freddie Mac's February Insight, we report that nearly two-thirds of older homeowners want to remain in their current home. And 44 percent of older renters want to do the same. Learn more about retrofitting and its role in this research. Read the full Insight

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                Feddie Mac Multifamily 2017 Outlook

                Learn how the multifamily housing market will grow again in 2017 thanks to strong fundamentals, but will continue to moderate. Read the full Outlook

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                Freddie Mac's 3% Down Payment Solution

                Learn more about one of the unique features of Freddie Mac's Home Possible? mortgages: High loan-to-value refinance.

                1:31description of video

                95% LTV Mortgages for Rental Properties

                What are the three key factors to ensuring borrower eligibility for a Home Possible? mortgage on 2-4 unit properties? Find out here.

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                Home for the Holidays

                Freddie Mac's Community Crew volunteers helped Habitat for Humanity build a home for Andrea Morgan and her children, making her dreams come true.

                2:54description of video

                Three Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Housing

                Freddie Mac's November Insight highlights three trends that have left their stamp on the housing market and will continue to shape the future of housing for years to come. Read the full Insight

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                Multifamily Voices

                Hear from industry leaders on where the market stands today, what renters want, and how the industry is changing as our world changes.

                3:27description of video

                Why Are the Experts Pessimistic About the Future of Homeownership?

                Freddie Mac's October Insight discusses the decline of the national homeownership rate and how experts expect further declines. Read the full Insight

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                Preserving Affordable Housing in San Francisco

                Learn about our partnership to preserve affordable housing and strengthen communities in one of the nation's toughest rental markets.

                photo of David Brickman

                David Brickman

                Chief Executive Officer

                photo of Ricardo Anzaldua

                Ricardo A. Anzaldua

                Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

                photo of Charlotte Catalfo

                Charlotte Catalfo

                Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations

                photo of Donna corley

                Donna Corley

                Executive Vice President and Head of Single-Family Business

                photo of Anil Hinduja

                Anil Hinduja

                Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

                photo of Michael Hutchinsn

                Michael Hutchins

                Executive Vice President,
                Investments and Capital Markets

                photo of Deborah Jenkins

                Deborah Jenkins

                Executive Vice President and Head of Multifamily Business

                photo of Donald Kish

                Donald Kish

                Interim Chief Financial Officer

                photo of frank nazzaro

                Frank Nazzaro

                Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

                photo of Jerry Weiss

                Jerry Weiss

                Executive Vice President and
                Chief Administrative Officer

                photo of Jacqueline M Welch

                Jacqueline M. Welch

                Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Diversity Officer

                Board of Directors

                David Brickman

                Chief Executive Officer

                Mark H. Bloom*

                Global Chief Technology Officer
                Aegon N.V.

                Kathleen L. Casey*

                Senior Advisor
                Patomak Global Partners

                Lance F. Drummond*

                Retired Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology
                TD Canada Trust

                Aleem Gillani*

                Retired Chief Financial Officer
                SunTrust Banks, Inc.

                Mark B. Grier*

                Retired Vice Chairman
                Prudential Financial, Inc.

                Christopher E. Herbert*

                Managing Director
                Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies

                Grace A. Huebscher*

                Retired President
                Capital One Multifamily Finance, LLC

                Sara Mathew*

                Non-Executive Chair
                Non-Executive Chair Retired Chair and Chief Executive Officer
                The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

                Saiyid T. Naqvi*

                Retired President and Chief Executive Officer
                PNC Mortgage

                *The Non-Employee Directors have determined that these Directors are independent under the criteria set forth in Freddie Mac's Corporate Governance Guidelines.